Members Information

Members Information

ICAM undertakes diligently to the function of continuous review and dissemination to its members and others of information concerning international and internal developments in technical matters affecting the profession of accounting and auditing. The Institute is aware that in the fast and dynamic business world competence is a matter of being relevant to contemporary skill demands. The Institute is committed to the provision of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for its members and monitoring compliance to ensure that its members remain relevant. It enforces ethical practices and discipline.

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  1. Just wanted to know.Is the publication of pictures for knowledge level finalists compulsory?I’m asking this because some students are studying on their own without consent from their employers,and this might compromise their future employment.Can’t students be given options to choose if they want their pictures to appear in the newspapers.

  2. Hello, i am J. Pempho Chiwewe am a holder of CIFA , Technician Diploma from PAEC(ICAM) and also Degree from University of Eastern Africa Baraton- Kenya Bachelor of Business Administration with Credit majoring in Accounting.

    I would like to join ICAM where can I start from.

    Your guidance will help.


  3. I would like to thank you ICAM board for sitting down and revising exemption issues to us the students this is our golden opportunity now since the barrier has been broken.
    From the look of things I would also like to thank you for this is the board that is of integrity and high profile you have strong controls in as far as examination issues is concerned.

  4. I am a holder of diploma in accounting obtained with PAEC AND Adegree in accounting from Malawi College of Accountancy obtain in April 2018 where can i start

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