Members Information

Members Information

ICAM undertakes diligently to the function of continuous review and dissemination to its members and others of information concerning international and internal developments in technical matters affecting the profession of accounting and auditing. The Institute is aware that in the fast and dynamic business world competence is a matter of being relevant to contemporary skill demands. The Institute is committed to the provision of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for its members and monitoring compliance to ensure that its members remain relevant. It enforces ethical practices and discipline.

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    1. Dear Student

      Thanks for your mail.

      Basing on your qualification, you are eligible to register with ICAM on the Knowledge level and currently there are no exemptions granted.


    1. Dear Linda,

      For the MBA in general, we do not have exemptions. However, exemptions can come in based on other qualifications that the candidate has. If you do not mind would you please advise on the qualifications that you have.

  2. Hie I am Moses JB Mombera holder of ICAM Diploma in Accounting and Degree in Accounting obtained this year 2017 at Malawi College of Accountancy and willing to start ICAM professional exams where can i start please help i am willing to start exams as soon as possible

    1. Dear Moses,

      We would like to thank you for showing interest in our programme the Chartered Accountant Malawi qualification. Please note that you would not have chosen any better Institution to travel with on this journey. Please note that with the qualifications you have, you will start at the Knowledge Level of the CA(M). At this level we have seven subjects which a candidate is supposed to pass before proceeding to the Professional Level where you will be expected to pass six papers which will usher you to the Advanced Level where you will do two papers only.

      With the ICAM diploma, you will be exempted from the following papers at the Knowledge Level; P1 Accounting Framework, P2 Legal Framework, P3 Management Information and P6 Principles of Taxation. You will however be required to sit the following papers P5 Assurance, P7 Business & Finance and P8 Financial & Management Accountancy Skills & Competence.

      Please note that all the exemptions that have been awarded to you are based on the ICAM Diploma that you have. We have however not awarded you exemptions attached to the degree because we only award exemptions to holders of this degree if it was obtained before 24 October 2016 when NCHE reported the degrees that were accredited. Please note that exemptions are only awarded to holders of accredited degrees.

      1. It means i qualify for exemptions because i got mine at Malawi College of Accountancy before 24th October 2016.
        I will come to register.
        So, how many exemptions are you going to give me?

  3. Just wanted to know.Is the publication of pictures for knowledge level finalists compulsory?I’m asking this because some students are studying on their own without consent from their employers,and this might compromise their future employment.Can’t students be given options to choose if they want their pictures to appear in the newspapers.

  4. Hello, i am J. Pempho Chiwewe am a holder of CIFA , Technician Diploma from PAEC(ICAM) and also Degree from University of Eastern Africa Baraton- Kenya Bachelor of Business Administration with Credit majoring in Accounting.

    I would like to join ICAM where can I start from.

    Your guidance will help.


    1. Dear Pempho

      Thank you for your letter enquiring on registration with ICAM.

      Please be advised that a holder of ICAM/PAEC diploma is eligible to register in the Knowledge Level of The ICAM Chartered Accountant Malawi Qualification. There are four subjects exempted. The subjects are: Accounting Framework (P1), Legal Framework (P2), Management Information (P3) and Principles of Taxation (P6). There are 3 subjects to be written after you register and pay for the four exempted papers. The subjects are: Assurance (P5), Business and Finance (P7) and Financial & Management Accountancy Skills and Competence (P8).

      Basing on your Degree from Eastern Africa- Baraton, Kenya, currently, is an entry requirement in the ICAM Knowledge Level and there are no exemptions granted.

      Best wishes

  5. i am a holder of icam diploma, knowledge level of CA( m) and have passed three subjects on proffessional level and would like to register for ICAM membership. how do i do that.

  6. I would like to thank you ICAM board for sitting down and revising exemption issues to us the students this is our golden opportunity now since the barrier has been broken.
    From the look of things I would also like to thank you for this is the board that is of integrity and high profile you have strong controls in as far as examination issues is concerned.

  7. Hallo,am Innocent i studied CAT and pass the following subjects:
    FA1-Recording financial Transaction
    MA1-Management information
    FA2-Maintaning financial records
    MA2-Managing cost and finance
    FAB-Accounting in business
    FFA- Financial accounting

    DUE to financial problems i was removed for not paying subscription fee,
    i would like to study ICAM DIPLOMA is there any exemption for me please advice.

  8. I am a holder of diploma in accounting obtained with PAEC AND Adegree in accounting from Malawi College of Accountancy obtain in April 2018 where can i start

    1. Dear Maggie,

      Thank you for your query. With a combination of your qualifications, you can be admitted at CA Level 1 (Knowledge) of ICAM’s chartered accountant (CA) Malawi programme.

      As you may be aware, CA Level 1 has 7 papers. However, with you qualifications, you will be exempted 6 out of the 7 papers. You will only be required to sit P7 Business and Finance before you proceed to CA Level 2 (Professional). Please note that you will be required to pay for the exemptions awarded. However, we are currently running an exemption waiver promotion whereby if you register by 28 February 2019, you will not pay exemption fees. Please refer to the attachments for more information on the promotion and information you may find useful.

      In case you have more queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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