The CA (M)

The CA (M) qualification has three tiers as follows: the knowledge level, the professional level and the Advanced level.

Knowledge Professional Advanced
  • Accounting Framework
  • Management Information
  • Legal Framework
  • Assurance
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Business & Finance
  • Financial & Management
    Accountancy Skills &
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Accounting
    and Reporting
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Tax Compliance
  • Public Sector Accounting
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Reporting
  • Strategic Business Management

Knowledge level

There are seven introductory examination papers all of which are assessed through written examinations. The subjects introduce students to concepts and essentials of accounting and business, proving a ground on which further levels would build on. The examinations require candidates to demonstrates understanding of the concepts in accounting and demonstrate an aptitude and communication ability required to sail through the higher levels of accounting. Those with accounting related diplomas and degrees may gain exemption from some subjects at this level depending on the content of the accounting qualification they hold.

Professional level

There are six application examination papers all of which are assessed through written examinations. These introduce students to a wide depth and range of accounting and business issues, functions, principles, regulations, strategies and implications. Critically the examinations require candidates to demonstrate knowledge through practical application to everyday business situations. The integration of technical skills and work experience helps to define the key skills that define a Chartered Accountant. These include expert advice, professional reasoning and judgment plus excellent communication skills.

Advanced level

There are two advanced subjects at this level. The examinations at this level test higher level of analytical skills. These skills are a key feature of the CA (M) qualification. At this level students are expected to:

  •   Identify and evaluate broad range of business issues and communicate appropriate advice.
  •   Provide relevant and correct technical advice and the business implications of advice given are understood.
  •   Analyze and interpret internal and external and non financial information.
  •   Apply the highest level of professional and ethics skills to businesses and technical issues.
  •   Maintain the awareness of important emerging business issues.

Entry requirements

The following is the range of entry possibilities into the CA (M)

  •   A Level.
  •   Non accounting degrees.
  •  ICAM (PAEC) Foundation Certificates with exemption from three subjects at knowledge level: Accounting Framework, management information and Legal Framework.
  • ICAM (PAEC) Diploma, with exemption from four subjects at knowledge level: Accounting Framework, management Information, Legal Framework and Principles of taxation.
  • BAcc from MUBAS (formerly The Malawi Polytechnic), with exemption from all 7 subjects at the Knowledge Level at the Knowledge level.
  • Other accounting degrees whose exemptions would be advised after assessment of the particular degree.