FAQ’s [Students]

  1. How do I apply for CIFA/TECHNICIAN/CA mw qualification?

Application for CIFA or Technician can be done by enquiring in person at ICAM offices, enquiring through phone, writing a letter, email or checking registration procedures on ICAM website.

A student is required to have MANEB MSCE certificate/MANEB MSCE Notification of Results or GCE/IGSCE certificate in order to register in the Certificate in Financial Accounting (CIFA).

A student is required to have MANEB MSCE/GCE/IGSCE certificate with Credits in English and Mathematics or PAEC/ICAM Certificate in Financial Accounting certificate to be eligible for registration into the Technician program.


  1. What documents do I need to register as student?

Well filled registration form obtained at ICAM office or downloaded from ICAM website, certified copy of certificate, two passport size photographs and registration fees


  1. What is a Transcript and how can I obtain a Transcript?

An academic transcript is a document stating the summary of performance of subjects which a student passed or has left with to complete the course and is processed by ICAM when a student applies for it after the actual payment is effected.  An academic transcript is applicable to any student who either completed the PAEC/ICAM qualifications, a continuing student or one whose passes have expired.


  1. What is an exemption?

An exemption is an expression used when a student has a certificate which when assessed by ICAM can be granted an ok not to write the subject/subjects because there are some equivalents to ICAM qualifications


  1. Why does ICAM award exemptions?

ICAM awards exemptions to students to avoid repetition of subjects which were already tackled and passed.


  1. When can I apply for exemptions?

Exemptions can be applied before registration, on registration or after registration.


  1. What happens when a student fails to pay annual subscription fee?

When annual subscription fees payment closes on 31 January, a student is required to pay re-registration fee which is much higher than the subscription fee.


  1. When is a student required to pay annual subscription/renew studentship?

A student is required to pay annual subscription in January