Financial planning helps one to avoid mistakes, helps one to make smarter decisions, insulate a person from the turbulence in the economy and so too makes money work for a person, and Dr. Francis Chinjoka Gondwe has told students at the DMI St John of God University. Speaking as a Chief Guest Speaker at the Financial Literacy workshop organized by the University at its campus, the ICAM CEO challenged students to start prudent financial management while they are school. Dr Gondwe said: “Avoid procrastination. Do not delay savings or putting savings off for another time. Start saving now. And to save, avoid poor saving habits. It does not help to spend your resources on things that diminish in value. Impulse buying and too much entertainment will leave you poor.”
Among the investment vehicles people can use, Dr Gondwe informed the students, are government or corporate bonds, banks, pension plans, real estate, stock market, mutual funds as well as engaging in business.
“But building wealth is not easy,” the ICAM Chief lectured. “You need 3Ds i.e. determination, decisiveness and discipline.”
The workshop also provided students pursuing bachelor degree in business administration to showcase their knowledge of financial literacy. Twelve (12) groups presented papers on different subjects related to financial planning.