International Executive Retreat explores the need to operate beyond Strategic Boundaries for sustainable success

In a convergence of top-tier executives, board members, and industry thought leaders, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) and the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) orchestrated a transformative International Executive Retreat at Sunbird Nkopola from April 16th to 18th, 2024. Under the banner of “Navigating Strategic Boundaries: Synergy for Sustainable Success,” the retreat served as a bond for deep exploration, strategic alignment, and collaborative visioning.

The event commenced on 16th April 2024 with an aura of anticipation as Reserve Bank of Malawi Deputy Governor, CA. William Matambo, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

Willima Matambo- Deputy Reserve Governor

His presence underscored the significance of the retreat in shaping the future of business leadership and strategy.

Opening the proceedings, ICAM President CA. Moffat Ngalande and ZICA Vice President Joseph Matimba set the stage with stirring remarks, emphasizing the imperative of synergy and collaboration in an increasingly complex global landscape.

ICAM President: CA. Moffat Ngalande

 ZICA Vice President: Mr. Joseph Matimba

Their words resonated deeply with attendees, framing the retreat’s agenda around collective empowerment and strategic alignment.

The spotlight then shifted to keynote speaker Max Moyo, a luminary in personal and organizational transformation. Moyo’s address, from the retreat’s theme of  “Navigating Strategic Boundaries: Synergy for Sustainable Success” ignited a spark of introspection among participants.

Max Moyo: Keynote Speaker

He also made an inspiring presentation to the executives titled “Your Next Bold Move”. In it, he highlighted the “ 7 Destiny Steps”  that the executives need to embrace. He also tackled the issue of “ People Challenges” for leaders to understand  how to work through their teams.   Through his compelling narrative, attendees were challenged to embrace authenticity, purpose-driven leadership, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Wisely Phiri, an authority on organizational restructuring and technological integration, took the stage next to delve into “Organization Re-modelling: Leveraging Technology.” Phiri’s insights illuminated the transformative potential of technology in driving organizational agility, fostering innovation, and staying ahead of disruptive trends.

Mr. Matongo Matamwandi followed suit, offering profound insights into the “Understanding Impact of Sudden Leadership Gap on Organizational Performance” and strategies for “Repositioning for the Gold Standard Business Trends and Disruptions.” His sessions sparked lively discussions on adaptive leadership, change management, and future-proofing strategies.

Nkondola Uka, a leading voice on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, presented thought-provoking sessions on “ESG Considerations into the overall Corporate Strategy” and the “Practical Complexities of ESG.” Uka’s expertise shed light on the imperative of integrating sustainability principles into corporate governance and strategic decision-making.

Rounding out the roster of distinguished speakers, Mr. Vickson Ncube offered invaluable insights into “Ensuring Business Continuity in the Face of Unexpected Challenges” and “Developing Organizational Agility for Quick Responses to Market Changes.” Ncube’s pragmatic approach resonated with attendees grappling with the complexities of today’s dynamic business environment.

The retreat culminated in a moment of reflection and collective vision as ICAM President and ZICA Vice President delivered closing remarks. Their words echoed the sentiments of unity, collaboration, and shared purpose that permeated the event, leaving attendees inspired and energized .

The International Executive Retreat stood as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and strategic synergy in driving sustainable success in today’s interconnected world.

Editor in-Chief

22nd April 2024