Professional Women’s Conference 2024: A Celebration of Women’s Empowerment and Progress

The opening ceremony of PWC 2024

From May 16th to 18th, 2024, Sunbird Nkopola hosted the Professional Women’s Conference. This landmark event brought together women leaders, professionals, and advocates under the empowering theme, “Count Her In Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress.” ICAM organised the conference as a vibrant celebration of women’s contributions to various sectors and a call to action for greater investment in women’s potential.

Day 1: Opening Day

The conference commenced with a powerful opening speech by ICAM President, CA. Moffat Ngalande. The conference was graced by guest of honour, Prof. Asiyati Chiweza, the Director General for the Malawi School of Government.

Guest of Honour: Prof. Asiyati Chiweza

In her keynote address, Prof. Chiweza eloquently articulated the conference theme, emphasizing the critical need to invest in women as a catalyst for accelerated progress. She highlighted the multifaceted roles women play in society and underscored the importance of creating inclusive opportunities for their advancement. They emphasized that the empowerment of women is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity. By counting women in, we unlock the full potential of our nation and drive sustainable development.

The day’s proceedings culminated in a scintillating cocktail reception, where attendees had the opportunity to network and share their aspirations and experiences in a relaxed and elegant setting.

Day 2: Empowerment and Enlightenment

The second day of the conference was marked by a series of compelling presentations that delved into various aspects of personal and professional growth. Cecilia Saidi, a renowned psychotherapist, set the tone with her session on “Adaptability and Resilience to Thrive Productively.” Her insightful discussion provided practical strategies for navigating the complexities of modern life with resilience and adaptability.

Following Saidi, Natasha Nalikungwi, a distinguished Business Strategy Development Consultant, delivered an inspiring presentation titled “Enhancing Your Quality of Wisdom as a Woman.” Nalikungwi’s session was a deep dive into the unique perspectives and strengths women bring to leadership and decision-making roles, encouraging participants to harness their innate wisdom.

Vera Zulu, the Group Chief Finance Officer at Old Mutual Malawi Limited, concluded the morning’s sessions with a captivating talk on “Self-Elevation.” Zulu’s presentation was a powerful reminder of the importance of self-belief and continuous personal development in achieving professional success.

In the afternoon, attendees enjoyed a delightful boat ride on the serene waters of Lake Malawi to Bird Island, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and camaraderie.

 A boat ride by attendees to Bird Island on Lake Malawi

Day 3: Strategic Insights and Closing Reflections

The final day of the conference was equally impactful, featuring thought-provoking discussions on gender economics and contextual challenges. Dr. Bertha Bangara Chikadza, the President of ECAM, energized the gathering with her presentation on “The Economics of Gender: Why ‘Counting Her In’ Matters in the Achievement of MW2063.” Dr. Chikadza’s session highlighted the economic imperatives of gender inclusion and its pivotal role in achieving Malawi’s Vision 2063.

Gertrude Zoe Kabwazi, the Executive Director of Yamba Malawi, followed with an insightful presentation on “The Importance of Contextualizing the Count Her In Movement – Reflecting on the Barriers and Pathways.” Kabwazi’s talk provided a nuanced exploration of the challenges women face and the strategies needed to overcome them, emphasizing the importance of tailored approaches in different contexts.

The conference drew to a close with heartfelt remarks from FAWOMA President, CA. Akonda Yokobe Supuni, and ICAM President, CA. Moffat Ngalande. Both leaders expressed their gratitude to the speakers and attendees, reiterating the commitment to advancing women’s empowerment in Malawi. They emphasized that the insights gained and the connections made during the conference would serve as a catalyst for ongoing efforts to ensure that women are integral to the nation’s progress.

The participants departed with renewed vigour, ready to implement the knowledge and inspiration gained, truly embodying the conference’s theme: “Count Her In: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress.”.


23rd May  2024